Leasing Season

Rental leasing season is upon us so it’s time to get your properties up to speed and ready for new tenants. Did you know that May through September are when most renters are on the prowl for new digs? Schooling, weather, and the end of tax season may play a huge role in when tenants are looking to make a move and sign on the dotted line. Whatever the reason, it’s important to make sure that your property stands out above the rest. Here a few ways to make your properties shine during leasing season.

Clean it Up
Now is the time to ensure your team is ready to get to work. Your cleaning crew will need to be on deck to clean move-outs promptly. The landscaping team will have to keep the grounds in tip top shape to help attract new tenants to the property. Now is also a good time to make the necessary repairs and cosmetic upgrades to units so they are in optimum shape for new tenants. Showing a little extra TLC during this time can help to fill those vacancies faster.

Price it Right
Now that your units are ready, it’s time to review pricing. Do some quick research to find out what similar units are going for in the area. Rental prices can drift from year to year so it’s important to stay current to make sure the price is right. Rental specials can sweeten the pot for new potential tenants. A rent that is too high will scare prospective tenants away. Talk with owners about pricing so that everyone is on the same page to create the best outcome so that everyone wins.

Be Prepared
Leasing season may bring higher traffic through your offices. Take the time before the season begins to make sure all paperwork and policies are up to date. Get any extra filing done that may be piling up. Have a strong, experienced office staff in place to handle the higher volume of inspections, screening, marketing, and prospect follow-ups.


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