How to Attract Good Renters

Once you have your rental property updated, clean, and ready to go, the next step is finding good renters. Part of finding good tenants is screening the tenants themselves, but it also depends on the way that you present yourself and your property. Here are some things to keep in mind when listing your property and looking for tenants.


  1. Follow Fair Housing Act rules and be very familiar with the rental laws in your area before you get started.
  2. Advertise your listing on websites that require you to pay a small fee to list with them; you can usually find a higher caliber of tenant using these sites than you can using free sites. Consider listing on social networking sites, putting fliers in grocery stores, or in breakrooms at larger companies.
  3. Make sure that your property is clean and ready to show before letting any prospective tenants in to see it. Good tenants will be more particular when viewing properties – they are your customers and you want to impress them.
  4. Write a complete and professional rental listing. Good tenants reply to good listings that have pictures and provide all the property details.
  5. Act and dress professionally when you meet with the prospective tenant or when you talk to them on the phone. Tenants that you want will respond to your professional demeanor.

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